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dier, alli, kane
jazzypom wrote in sequentialcrack

Fandom:Young Avengers,
Characters/Pairings:Kate/Eli, Billy/Teddy
Length:4000, give or take a few hundred

this must be read/seen:
Normally, in a fandom where the slash pairing (and canon couple) is popular, the female characters tend to get overlooked. The YA fandom does confound that rule somewhat, and Kate Bishop is the reason why. As (arguably) the only genetically unaltered human on a metahuman team, she holds her own. She's smart, tough and commands loyalty amongst her team mates. This story shows why. In that her father finally gets a clue, realises the extent of her superheroing and sends her away to boarding school. Her teammmates decide to come to her boarding school and- ah, ah, that would be telling. The story is true to them, and I found myself laughing at various turns. Go read.



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