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Sign Ups: March
sandoz_iscariot wrote in sequentialcrack
(Eeeeek, so sorry this post is late, everyone!)

Do you want to rec in March? Sign up here!

Recers are chosen on a first come, first served basis. But please do sign up for your fandom, even if someone's beat you to it. We might need you as a pinch hit recer. As this is our first month back, we'll be taking whatever fandoms you guys want to rec, in addition to our four permanent fandoms.

We are seeking recers for Avengers, Batfamily, X-Men and Watchmen. We're also looking for two recers in medium size fandoms, and two more in small or obscure fandoms.

Pitch us your small fandom--we want to hear about it, and we want your recs!

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Small/Obscure fandoms of your choice

Comment below to rec a small or obscure fandom of your choice in March.

Re: Small/Obscure fandoms of your choice

Small fandom - Young Avengers and or Runaways.

Hello, can you accept me joining, please?

Hey, sorry to be a PITA, I tried to post my recs this morning, but I don't have access? Please accept? Thanks!

Re: Hello, can you accept me joining, please?

Ack, sorry about the wait. You now have posting access!

Cheers, off to post now!

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