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Thor fic rec: Crimson, by Nonny (Explicit)
etrangere wrote in sequentialcrack
Title: Crimson
Author: faviconnonny
Fandom: Thor
Continuity: Comics
Characters/Pairings: Thor/Loki
Length: 1,914 words
Warnings: Well, dubious use of a possessed body. Otherwise, none.
Spoilers: Set in Stracyzinski's run, Thor #9

Why this must be read/seen: This is mostly a PWP piece between Thor and Loki in his female body, and one with a raunchy sort of humour, but also with an interesting mood and characterisation! bickering complicty between siblings that lends it a sort of bitter-sweet contentment that has little to do with hopefulness and much with weariness. Also it's hot. And it's frequent for Thor to be dumbed down in fanfics it's a relief when he isn't so much.

“Your words are kind,” Thor hesitated wearily, but longing lingered upon his lips. He narrowed his gaze at Loki’s delicate expression. “—too kind. What are you up to, brother...?”

“I wonder...?” Loki teased.

Being a master of lies, Loki knew Thor could not often read him. For this, Thor almost always suspected him, and indeed the thunderer would be wise not to believe him now; perhaps it would be his only claim to intelligence... if not for the lucky fact that his rebellious brother even more often threw caution to the wind and against better judgement accepted the trickster for all that he was. Loki did not know which side of reason Thor would err this time but he hoped the latter.

Thor reached forward and drew Loki close around the hips in a firm embrace, pressing his face to his brother’s chest with a tired sigh. Tension seemed to drain from the troubled god’s body. Thor grumbled softly against the milky white of Loki’s supple breast, “If only your words were as real as your tits, brother.”

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I just want to say (VERY BELATEDLY WOW) that I really love your recs! You have great taste in Thor fics. :)

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