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all the fanworks, all the comics fanworks

Sequential Crack
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Sequential Crack

Modeled after crack_van, Sequential Crack is an all-comics community, devoted to recing fanworks. All comics fandoms, and all kinds of fanworks are welcome here.

How It Works
Sequential Crack is not an open recing community. Recers sign up for the coming month and commit to posting a minimum of one rec a week, over the course of the month. Recers can post as many times as they like, during their month. No fandom will have more than one active recer at a given time.

Movie Monday: for movieverse fanworks
Toon Tuesday: for animated verse fanworks
Free For All Friday: open recs in the comments!

Join Us
Membership is unmoderated, however posting access is restricted to mods and our monthly recers. If you're thinking about signing up to rec, join the comm first, and then add your name to the signup sheet. A mod will confirm with you and then reconfirm with you, just before you're due to rec.

If you really want to rec and someone's already signed up for your favourite fandom--sign up anyway! Sometimes we'll need pinch hit recers.

Please do not sign up if you can't rec at least four fanworks.

Recing Rules and Guidelines
Sign Ups

Sequential Crack is maintained by Schmevil, and Sandoz_Iscariot.