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YA rec: A Good Man Is Hard To Find
dier, alli, kane
jazzypom wrote in sequentialcrack

Title:A Good Man is Hard to Find
Author: Oneangrykate
Fandom:Young Avengers, Marvel, Captain America
Characters/Pairings:canon pairings
Length:2000 words, give or take
Captain America's death post civil war
this must be read/seen:
I don't know if you remember the atmosphere in the Marvelverse post Captain America's death. It was a dark place, and for a long time there, the superhero community seemed rudderless, the world a little colder. So the YA, with best intentions, decide to bring Captain America back to life. The intentions are grand, and the experiment works. Sorta. But as the YA realises, sometimes, you have to let certain situations be. This fic works as a touching 'What If', and somewhere in another alternate universe, Uatu is shaking his head

A Good Man is Hard to Find

I hope this link works, guys. Between my internet and LJ being wobbly, well.


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