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Fandom recs: YA fic
dier, alli, kane
jazzypom wrote in sequentialcrack

Title:Raise It Up
Fandom:Young Avengers
Characters/Pairings:Kate Bishop, Jessica Jones, Daniel Cage
this must be read/seen:
In short, it’s sisters doing it for themselves. It’s about finding and rejoicing in the bonds of sisterhood, as well as mentorship, and passing one kindness to the other over the span of generations. The story is short and punchy, and worth the fifteen minutes of reading on the phone, while taking the bus to work

Raise It Up

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Your link is... err, not working at all.

*incoherent scream of rage*

Jeez, sorry about that. It took me three tries to even post my entries this morning. Will amend now, sorry.

Re: *incoherent scream of rage*

wow. What do you use to post?

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