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YA rec: Grab A Blanket, Brother
upside down, spiderwoman, jessica drew
jazzypom wrote in sequentialcrack

Title:Grab A Blanket, Brother
Fandom:Young Avengers
Characters/Pairings:Tommy Shepherd, the cast of Young Avengers
Length:13000 words
None. Assumes basic canon knowledge of the characters, but the story is easy enough to get into
this must be read/seen:
Unlike the other characters in Young Avengers, Tommy Shepherd is relatively undeveloped, in that we don’t know his family background, nor do we know his motivation for joining the Young Avengers. In this story, Traincat attempts to answer both by having Tommy stay over by Billy and his family for a time, with flashbacks to his own. It’s great to see the family dynamics through Tommy’s eyes, and how he and them get on. Then, it widens to him and the rest of the Young Avengers. They say family isn’t the one you’re born into, it’s the one that you create. Tommy seems to have his hands full, here. The great thing is, this story feels like Tommy Shepherd, and the Young Avengers. Very teenage, very brash

Grab A Blanket, Brother

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Hi! The link to the story isn't working.

I don't think I'm doing very well at this at all. Will amend now, thanks.

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