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jazzypom wrote in sequentialcrack

Title:Coming in From The Cold
/>Fandom:Young Avengers
Characters/Pairings:Tommy centric, canon pairings

Why this must be read/seen:
Tommy Shepherd, although well liked by the fandom, doesn't seem to attract much fic as his own person. He's normally cast with Eli or Kate, but never given a chance for the focus to be on him alone. This fic corrects this oversight handily. As a late addition to the team, with an attitude of not giving a toss, Tommy doesn't really play well with others. It's his wary cynicism and distance from the team that causes the others to react as they do, and the atmosphere is tense. However, the YA being the YA, everyone tries, and at the end of the fic, you sense that Tommy might just be a little closer to understanding what this teamwork malarkey might mean.
Coming in From The Cold

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Loved this! Thanks for linking to it :)

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