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X-Men rec: Carry That Weight by selenak
destiny mystique
lilacsigil wrote in sequentialcrack
Although it's actually the 1st of March here, I had one more rec to squeeze in. Thanks for reading my recs this month and I hope you found new fic to enjoy.

Title: Carry That Weight
Author: selenak
Fandom: X-Men movieverse/Alias (comic)
Characters/Pairings: Jessica Jones, Mystique
Length: 4300
Warnings: mentions of rape
Spoilers: Alias, X1, X2

Carry That Weight by selenak

Jessica Jones is a foul-tempered, foul-mouthed private investigator, but one thing she hates is deception. Mystique, of course, operates on deception, so when Jessica Jones gets wind of something odd going on in Senator Robert Kelly's office, she investigates in her usual stubborn way.

This is a complicated and quite painful story, as Jessica ruthlessly insists on the right of Senator Kelly's wife to know who she's sleeping with, no matter the cost to Jessica or her tentative friendships in the mutant world. Jessica's own past influences the story heavily, but that same bullheaded drive for justice that lets her be close to fearless also means that she's trying not to be unfair to mutants either – if she goes public with her suspicions that Senator Kelly is a shapeshifting impersonator, the Mutant Registration Act will be passed and things will get dramatically worse for innocent people. Instead, Jessica has to assume the risk herself, and her aggressive approach leads to a confrontation with Mystique that goes to unexpected places.

A terrific, complex fic with no easy resolutions or forgiveness, only a ferocious drive for knowledge and fairness, and a cool-eyed examination of what the isolationist stance of mutants really means.


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